The DXN Ganoderma medicinal mushroom extracts (Japanese Reishi or Chinese Lingzhi) are prepared by freeze-drying. Dr. Lim Siow Jin uses specially developed technology for this costly and time-consuming process, ensuring that none of the valuable ingredients are lost. Throughout the manufacturing process, which ensures 100% of the ingredients.



 In comparison, a hot water extract contains only 30% of the original ingredients. These are the water-soluble substances. But since vitamins and trace elements are also of great benefit to our health, dr. Lim Siow Jin for hours cooking for the vital mushroom extract production. The DXN extracts contain 20% of the total amount of active substances in a 20: 1 concentration (20kg of fresh mushrooms are processed to 1kg of extract). Special technology removes useless fibers and keeps the mushroom extracts in their natural composition as the fungi grow in nature. The intake of individualized substances can not be recommended without hesitation to any person. The DXN extracts are quite different, as they are suitable for everyone,

 Liver Gano, Heart Gano, Kimshen Gano, Brain Gano, Peacock Gano, Ruyi Gano, Ganoderma Extract, Ganoderma Extract, and Ganoderma Extract.

 Each DXN Ganoderma product contains a mix of these six species.



How did Dr. Is Ganoderma species 200 most effective?

 He just tested on chickens:

 Laying hens can no longer lay eggs after a certain age. Ganoderma species is a regenerating effect.

 „We collected one Ganoderma Art after another in the Malay jungle and fed the old hens. Usually chickens do not fly. But if the hens began to fly after eating a Certain Ganoderma species and spent the night high in the palm trees, then we knew that Ganoderma species is very energetic. „

 After these very simple but highly effective tests, dr. Lim Siow Jin, the six most effective Ganoderma species, because he knew what was good for the animals, thus helping us humans.

 DXN harvests the Ganoderma fruiting bodies after three months, with the mycelium already has the highest active ingredient density after 14 days and is ready for harvesting. This showed Lim Siow Jin’s many years of research.

 „The right harvest time is extremely important: in nature, the fungus throws down its spores after three months, to ensure the high quality, it has to be harvested in just the right time.“ If the mushrooms have lost their spores, the fungus loses its quality.


 How do I recognize a reliable supplier?

 If you visit a Ganoderma farm where it smells like Ganoderma, you should never buy yourselves here. These mushrooms have already lost their strong effect.

 DXN has very „clever“ Ganoderma species. They start to shine just before they are ready for harvest.

 If you breed Ganoderma, the young fungus first turns white, then it turns yellowish, then red, and finally the DXN Ganoderma mushrooms start to shine beautifully. Then the time has come for the harvest.

 The beautiful shine appeared after many years of selection of the most beautiful and strongest mushrooms.

 Growing mushrooms need to grow under sterile conditions, which is true, but to the best selection, we throw the seeds into the jungle, growing the mushrooms there, and having to defend against other plants.

 That is, a tiny tissue part of a very strong healthy fungus is drawn in the laboratory on nutrient solution and later placed in the plant bag for further growth.

 This is the reason why DXN extracts are always of consistently high quality.

 Dr. Lim Siow Jin does not take Ganoderma from seeds as is often the case. This grows large, small, thick, thin mushrooms with high or low nutrient content.

 DXN selects only the best and strongest mushrooms for the breed. In each case only 1% to 2% of the fungi are used for further breeding. The remaining 98% to 99% are located. After growth, only 1% of the strongest fungi are selected, and so on … DXN has been doing that for over 25 years.

 „That’s why our Ganoderma is so powerful.“ 

 The DXN Farm is a bio farm specialized in eco farming. In addition, the farm has been ISO 14001 certified.

 This certificate is even more extensive than a bio seal.

* ISO 14001 certified Ganoderma farm does not use any chemicals.

The farm does not have any unpleasant odors.

* Nothing on the farm can harm the environment in any way.



 DXN Ganoderma contains over 400 ingredients that help make our body and our immune system work healthily. Ganoderma is not a medicine and is not used to treat any disease. If the body is well supplied with nutrients, it is not possible to regulate illnesses or not let them develop. Your own immune system is our best doctor!



 Reactions to Ganoderma intake should not be confused with harmful side effects. Ganoderma is a safe food, no matter how much we consume. A well-functioning immune system does not store toxins in the body, but directs them to the outside through the intestines, kidneys, skin, etc. If you notice reactions such as frequent urination, defecation, diarrhea, skin reactions or increased sweating, these are very positive Reaction and you should continue taking it (possibly temporarily in a reduced amount).



 It is recommended to consume Ganoderma as a permanent intake, as our body is exposed to many daily stresses such as contaminated food containing fertilizers, pesticides, hormones, contaminated water, polluted air, stress or lack of sleep. A well-cared-for immune system can better withstand our present day pressures.



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